Extra Innings Running Commentary

Top of the Tenth

Valverde got through the innings easily enough.

Honestly I was busy with the last post. Glad nothing happened easier on my stomach this way.

Bottom of the Tenth

Inge doesn’t have this much drama in him does he? Scott Feldman is in the game.

No he doesn’t, bounce out to Scottie.

The phantom jersey hit by pitch. This time it’s for us

(Yes, I’m referencing 2009)

Seriously DO NOT BUNT HERE JIM. They’ll just walk Miggy. I don’t know why I even have to think that.

Never mind. Austin Jackson just fucked us all over.

I don’t understand that one bit. If it’s a hit and run it makes no sense, Raburn swings and misses a lot. If it’s a straight steal, you just ran the bat out of Miggy’s hands. I want to find answers on this call.

And Raburn struck out.

Let’s just be glad they’re at home and Miggy, V-Mart, and Alex are up in the bottom.

Top of the Eleventh

Big Potato and Benout have been unbelievable this postseason. We just ask for one more inning from Jose.

Crap. Josh Hamilton finally got a hit. A double at that.

Ha. Michael Young is the best.

Walking Beltre. Scary with Napoli and Cruz coming up.

That was so stupid. It was like a hit off Mariano Rivera. 4-3 Rangers.

Well that’s that. 7-3. Im going to get even more sarcastic and depressed now.

Bottom of the Eleventh

Just a bloop, a bloop, a bloop, and a blast away from tying this game.

Miguel blooped it right to short.

V-Mart hit it really hard to third.

Avila does what he does best. Poor guy.

I’m going to say one thing here. You have Verlander pitching tomorrow at home. He is bound to have a dominant start. Then you have Scherzer in Texas, who pitched brilliantly last time there. That was the last eleven inning start. Then there is game seven, where anything can happen.

Nelson Cruz can’t keep saving the Rangers can he?

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