Reports Suggest Theo to Chicago

Think about the timing of this for a moment. The Cubs release their GM of his responsibilities earlier this year, then the Red Sox go on an historic tailspin. The Red Sox manager is relieved of his duties two days after their season ended amidst reports of a rift between him and ownership. Now we have reports of the Sox GM and a difference of opinion between him and ownership.

Set that aside for a moment and think about the Red Sox GM. He, the youngest GM in baseball history, won a World Series for a team that had not won in 86 years. Then three years later, won another one. He has been at his post for nearly a decade and it seems that the line from Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” is coming true, “You die a hero, or live long enough to become the enemy”.

Red Sox Nation has become spoiled. They expect winning, and it’s rightfully so. If the same thing happened in New York, Brian Cashman would not be talking about an extension these days.

Now, we have a potential rift with the fans and ownership, a challenge that has been met and met again, a GM who is not at the end of a career but basically at the beginning (he’s not even 40 yet) if he wishes to work till retirement.

As a baseball mind, one would naturally select the next challenge with gusto, this one being the Chicago Cubs, a team that is in a 103 year World Series drought. Why not go to Chicago and try to achieve that goal?

Why not try to become the most influential GM in the history of the game?

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