Now Taking Orders for Miguel Cabrera’s “¿Si or No?” T-Shirts

We at Walkoff Woodward are proud to say we actually have designed the Miguel Cabrera¿Si or No? Si, Motherf#$@&*!” T-shirts that we promised you last week. What’s even better is that we actually can sell them to you.

Thanks to the folks (Doug and Ed) over at Alternative Hero, a local Detroit company,  the t-shirt idea, spawned by Buster Olney and Craig Calcaterra last Wednesday, is a reality and is here for you guys to purchase and wear proudly.

A quick refresher:

From Buster’s Daily Column

HEADS UP!” Cabrera screamed each time a deep drive went to right. When Cabrera took his turns in the box, he carved long liners to right field, over and over, shouting to the others to guess whether they would clear the fence.

“SI OR NO?” Cabrera yelled. “SI OR NO? SI OR NO?”

When the ball would land on the other side of the chain-link fence, Cabrera punctuated the drive this way: “SI, M———–.”

Then, from Craig at Hardball Talk

If that isn’t on a t-shirt with Detroit Tigers colors being sold by a Tigers blogger by the end of the day the Internet has failed.

Well, by the end of the day we certainly had decided to do it.

Here’s how ordering these shirts will work:

Alternative Hero and Walkoff Woodward are taking orders from now until the end of day MARCH 4th, 2012. That’s this Sunday.

To do this you can CLICK HERE. You can click on any T-Shirt on the blog to be directed to the Alternative Hero website to buy as many shirts as you want.

You can order from size Small to size 3XL. They run $18 a piece, and $24 for the ultra premium tee, which is as awesome as it sounds.

Here’s how Doug and Ed operate:

1. Each Monday/Tuesday they launch a design for a new shirt.
2. You order it over that week through Sunday.
3. You are charged when they print the shirt and ship it the end of the following week!

 Feel free to leave comments below on what you think of the shirt. I know there were great idea’s of having Cabrera’s silhouette on the shirt, “motherf$#%@#” on the back of the shirt acting as a name, the word censored out completely, etc, etc, but in the end, this is how the design turned out due to space and cost and we’re pretty happy with it.

This shirt is created with humor, sarcasm, or something in between and is not officially licensed or made with the intention of being so. We are the Official, Unofficial!

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  • Casey

    Why is there an upside-down question mark in the answer?

  • brad

    That’s how you punctuate a question in Spanish

  • Casey

    But the last part is not a question, its a response to the question…

  • Casey

    If should actually be an upside down exclamation point…

    ¡Si, Motherf@#$*r!

    • hansolo

      thats the first thing i thought when i saw the shirt

  • robb

    shouldn’t it technically be “¿si o no?” or has high school spanish failed me?

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  • Justin

    Both the question marks (around yes, mf-er) and the or/o error stand out. Probably should have had a spanish speaking editor check the design before going to print.

  • Doc Worn

    1. The question mark has been replaced by the exclamation point, new JPEG’s will be loaded later. That was an error on my end and we caught it before any real damage was done.

    2. As for the or/o controversy, the quote itself is “or” as in, Miguel Cabrera was mixing his language. “Sí!” he would shout. “Or No?” So, that was intentional.

    However I do agree someone should take this away from me before I ruin everything ;)

    • Casey

      Great job, Doc! I agree, the quote should be as was, with OR and not O. Spanglish!

  • KalineCountry

    I will add the link to the Tigers board I post at daily.

  • Ben

    How do I order the Ultra Premium? I don’t see a place to order it.

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