Miguel Cabrera “¿Si no No?” T-Shirt Update

Have no fear, the t-shirts are in the process of being made. Obviously, I hit my comment requirement, and quite easily at that. I’m currently in the process of talking to a couple different t-shirt companies, three in fact, and I’ll try to hammer out a deal this week.

I’m no artist or designer, but one of my favorite twitter buds, @catswithbats, is pretty creative and posted this picture on the comment thread. If nothing it’s a base to work off of:

click here for the slightly uncensored JPEG

  • Sean

    You could have Si, Mtherfkrs on the back?

  • Casey

    I agree, the answer should be on the back, censored or not…

  • Casey

    Maybe check out who mgoblog uses. They seem to have inside-joke type t-shirts made to sell real quickly.

  • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com Doc Worn

    Nice idea. I’ll throw that in the mix.

  • David

    Love it.

  • Anonymous

    Since “or” isn’t a word in Spanish, shouldn’t it read, “¿Sí o no?”

    • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com Doc Worn

      Correct but Cabrera was mixing language in the quote.

  • tigerpride

    I’m definitely in for one of these shirts.

  • JenR

    He looks a little, um, skinny in the mockup. Granted, he’s lost weight, but he’s no Don Kelly. But count me in!

  • Brettkaplan

    I’m absolutely in! Thanks for organizing it!

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