Brandon Inge Certainly Has a High Opinion of Himself

The always excellent Jason Beck of posted quotes from Brandon Inge’s six minute interview with reporters today.

As a player in a position to change quite a few opinions people currently have of him, justified or not, one would assume his quotes would be humbling in nature. Rest assured, Brandon Inge is a unique baseball player.

Inge on why he didn’t report to camp sooner:

“I didn’t want to take anything away from Prince Fielder, welcoming him. Obviously I would welcome him in but … this right here, I didn’t want it to be anything against him. I knew he was coming in. I was just kind of laying low so I could talk to you guys on my own, get it out separately, not be a distraction to everyone in there, move on.”

Ok, Babe Ruth, when did batting .197 become the new market inefficiency?

For one, every single year Inge reports to camp on time, when he is supposed to. Every year people question his commitment. Listen, some people are just like that. They show up when they are expected and that’s that. We know Brandon Inge loves baseball. We know Brandon Inge loves the Tigers. There is no need to question his commitment. Furthermore, why not just say that? Why talk about Prince Fielder?

That’s an odd thing to say because now, Inge just sounds like he wants to bask in the drama he is now a part of.

  • William Tasker

    Inge didn’t want to imp-inge on Fielder’s big day, eh? Clearly a guy with an unrealistic look at his place in the world.

    • Doc Worn

      He IS a millionaire …

      Of course that’s pocket change to Prince Fielder

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