UPDATED 02.23.12 12:45PM | Cabrera’s Quotes are T-Shirt Worthy. (So Who Wants One?)

I feel like this is going to become a daily ritual. I can’t control my instinct to blog interesting stories even though I’m supposed to be working any more than I can control my ability to refrain from eating Peanut Butter M&M’s.

Buster Opney posted his daily column this morning, which if you’re not paying for Insider simply to read his insight you’re not doing it right, and had this to say:

HEADS UP!” Cabrera screamed each time a deep drive went to right. When Cabrera took his turns in the box, he carved long liners to right field, over and over, shouting to the others to guess whether they would clear the fence.

“SI OR NO?” Cabrera yelled. “SI OR NO? SI OR NO?”

When the ball would land on the other side of the chain-link fence, Cabrera punctuated the drive this way: “SI, M———–.”

I then jumped on twitter and saw that Craig Calcattera had posted his thoughts on Hardball Talk:

If that isn’t on a t-shirt with Detroit Tigers colors being sold by a Tigers blogger by the end of the day the Internet has failed.

You guys aren’t going to leave this up to me, right?

Update 02.22.12 @12:30PM EST: Apparently you guys are going to make me do this, which is just grand. I have quite a few people in on it, if I can get 50 comments below (give it the weekend) from people who would buy a shirt then I’ll go forward with it. Yes, I’ll get both censored and uncensored.

Just remember, I want 50 comments below in order to start a design and order.

Initial Phrase on the shirt:

“Si or No?”

“Si! Mother%$#*%@”

UPDATE 02.23.12 @ 12:45PM

NOTE from Detroit Tigers PR: Any profane/ uncensored t-shirts won’t be allowed in Comerica Park, obviously, so chose with that in mind. The word “Mother$%@#$@” implies profanity, so that would not be allowed in the ballpark. As an organization, they do not endorse or embrace this idea. We are free to do as we please, but it is clear that the Detroit Tigers do not endorse this.

Doesn’t mean it’s not cool.

We’ve got enough interest to start digging into getting a shirt/shirts done. Please keep commenting if you are interested, it will only help going forward.

  • Tina Miller

    Wish I had the money to produce the T-shirts. If anyone does it I want one.

  • Michael

    Si! Definitely in.

  • Sean

    I have tax money coming in soon, and I will definitely pitch in onthe shirt.

  • Casey


  • DJ


  • rf

    Hell yes!

  • AZ

    Si Mother%!@&#$

  • Andrew

    Si Mother%!@&#$

  • Eli


  • Joe

    I’ll buy two. Si Mother%!@&#$

  • mike

    Fuck yeah ill buy that.

  • Melissa

    Yes. A million times, yes.

  • Allison

    DO EET.

  • http://philcokesbrain.wordpress.com philcokesbrain


  • Jk


  • Tim


  • Derek

    Do it

  • Jeff

    Si, si, mother$)-@&;!!!!!

  • Samm

    Do it to it Lars

  • Kyle

    Do it!

  • http://www.alternativehero.com Doug

    Guys, I have a sports tshirt company and I am seeing if my fanbase is interested, but check out my site and see if you think it would fit in our collection? I think it might be worth pulling the trigger!

  • http://www.alternativehero.com Doug


    My company is Alternative Hero, sorry should have put that in the last post

    • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com Doc Worn

      Doug, hit me up at my email address – joshuaworn@gmail.com – let’s talk.

  • MoreThanBrando

    Si, Si Senor!

  • uncouth sloth

    SI! 3XL por favor

  • http://travieontigs.wordpress.com TravieWade


    • Life_In_The_D


  • Rothben

    Si! Definitely!

  • Josh


  • http://www.blessyouboys.com/ Big Al Beaton

    This MUST happen. In other words, SI!

  • Dale

    May I point out that “sí” should have accent mark?

    • Dale

      Otherwise it means “If or not, M%&·$%!” which doesn’t have the same impact

      • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com Doc Worn

        No worries. Fully aware ;)

  • ? Josh

    Si Mother#%$&*@

  • DL


  • Ashleigh Briana


  • http://grandcards.blogspot.com DT

    Si Motherfu**er!

  • Travis

    Si, And I want a silhouette of Cabrera’s head on it!

    • David

      I like that idea. Do the silhouette.

      • Bulletproof

        So! And yes, needs some cabby on it

    • Baroque97

      Or a silhouette of his swing as he launches one. :)

  • David


    Censored version, in black and for the of god make it available in 2X!!!!

    Charge whatever you want, I’ll buy it.

  • Celeste

    SI M———-R!

  • Momotigers

    Yep…sign me up.

  • Brady


  • Jordan


  • JOB

    Me say SI ‘ too.

  • Gordon

    English teacher moment: It’s “choose,” not “chose.” That is just as annoying at the “loose/lose” boneheads.

    • Gordon

      And, of course, I included a typo of my own…goodbye, credibility.

      • DUTCH


  • Wilson

    I’m in for one of each censored and non

  • DA

    Quiero comprar la camisa

  • The Preeb

    #50 motherf**%#! Make them available

  • Tina Miller

    Si, Mother——!!!


    SI’….. Great line by the Big Fella

  • TravieWade


  • Spencer

    Si, Motherfucker.

  • Spud

    In light of the profanity issues with the organization, can I make a suggestion for an option with just “Si or No?” I would be interested in one of those…

    • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com Doc Worn

      That is the plan. I still need to talk about design but that is my “personal” preference

      • Spud

        The more I thought about this today, the more I realized the tag “Si or No?” Could be applied to many things… like a Verlander strikeout, a big potato save, the eternal question of whether or not inge should get playing time… So many possibilities! Of course, I probably missed someone else commenting on the same thing….

  • http://walkoffwoodward.com Packey

    Si or no

  • Dfaddend

    Si or No Mother Fuckers

  • rings

    Si! Ja! Yes! Da! Yeah!

  • Sam Johnson

    Si. Where can I get one?

  • http://juwongville.com Alex

    I made this, now you make it.

  • http://juwongville.com Alex
    • Baroque97

      THAT is fantastic. Could make it orange on navy, or white on black, and the censored version could just leave off the bottom line of text and still be completely obvious what it is referring to. Nice work! :)

    • http://www.walkoffwoodward.com Doc Worn

      That is fantastic. Well done. I’ve saved it.

  • Mark


  • http://www,wgroupbuilding.com Greg


  • Kevin

    Si! Alex’s design is perfect, please make it in beefy sizes also (3xl)

  • Brett


  • JenR

    Yo creo que es una idea fantastico y en una situacion ideal yo hago comprando dos o quisas mas de las camisas. I.e. hellz yeah.

    • Doc Worn

      nice Jen…..nice

  • TW

    I’ll by one. You might consider putting “¿Sí o no?” as that is how it goes in Spanish. Note the accent on the i in sí.

  • Dylan

    ¡Sí, madre!

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