Tony LaRussa Will Aim to Stop Jim Leyland’s Smoking Habit

Our goal here is not to break news or write about gossip…

wait, what

…anyway, I couldn’t resist noting this story from Hardball Talk (via Tom Gage of the Detroit News).

Tony LaRussa in Tigers camp. Said his two goals are to get Leyland “to eat tofu and stop smoking.”

To which Leyland replied:

“I didn’t start smoking until I coached for him.”

Aaron Gleeman:

Imagine all the shots of La Russa poking his head into a room and saying, “Jimmy, are you smoking in here?!” as Leyland frantically puts out his three simultaneously-lit cigarettes and tries to wave the smoke away. And then imagine the two of them sitting down for a lovely tofu dinner at which Leyland requests a table in the smoking section, gets a dirty look from La Russa, and uneasily laughs while saying, “Hey, just kidding, right?”

Oh, dear Lord that is fantastic.

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