Introducing the Newest WW Writer

2012 is turning into quite the year for Walkoff Woodward, and what better way to actually attempt to make it through the season is there than to add a new blogger to the mix.

Without wasting anymore time or space, I introduce to you Erin Saelzler, Tiger fan and blogger extraordinaire:

She’s been a Tigers fan her whole life, although she did not become obsessed with baseball until very late in the 2006 season. She has blogged the Tigers in some fashion since 2007. Her blog, Tigers Amateur Analysis, was independent until last year, where it was picked up by Aerys Sports. She has since then turned the reigns over to another blogger and in addition to Walkoff Woodward, she is starting a new blog called Tigerology (coming soon).

Erin is 28 years old, from Toledo, Ohio, and a pharmacy student at the University of Toledo. She’ll be receiving her doctorate in May, and then the real job hunt begins.

Living in Toledo, gives her the chance to go to quite a few Mud Hens games (Tigers AAA affiliate), so you will probably hear about them a bit.

Her favorite current Tiger is Justin Verlander, with Miguel Cabrera being a fairly close second. Like many, she has a tendency to latch on to what you might call a “less popular” player as a sentimental favorite. She was a fan of Armando Galarraga long before the perfect game (and still a fan and it’s still a perfect game). Since he’s been gone, that role seems to have been taken by Brayan Villarreal. Her all-time favorite Tiger is Pudge Rodriguez.

Erin’s favorite Tiger experiences include, travelling to spring training last year (where I got to meet Miguel Cabrera, among others), and being at the Coliseum in Oakland to watch the Tigers clinch the Central Division title.

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