Spring Training Exclusive: An Interview with @PhilCokesBrain

On Saturday evening, thoughts of Pitchers and Catchers officially reporting dancing in my head, I was struck with the idea to interview the ever popular @PhilCokesBrain on the subject. After all he is a brain and generally seen as a handle that needs to be at the top of his game. Thankfully, his brain has not grown to large yet and he (it?) was cordial enough to grant me an interview about his brain being in the best shape of it’s life:




I concluded by thanking the Brain for his time and proclaimed that he was twitter gold.

This is of course satire and in no way shape or form (even brain form) represents the real Phil Coke (unless of course the handle really is Phil Coke and he’s just not ready to entrust us with that powerful knowledge).

  • http://detroittigersscorecard.com catswithbats

    Phil Coke’s Brain is my favorite tweeting body part.

    • Doc Worn

      Yeah. Also, PhilCokesArm and PhilCokesEar just don’t have the same vibe.

  • tiger77

    It probably is coke. I mean, you’ve seen his interviews….they sound like the same level of crazy

  • mitch

    No way. Its probably one of the 800,000 bloggers out there who finally managed to get 4000 followers

  • Doc Worn

    I doubt anyone will discover who the handle is and I’m pretty certain that the beauty of @PhilCokesBrain is the fact that his/its tweets com from an unknown source.

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