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Daniel Schlereth, No Longer A Thing

Today, in non-news that is now-news because there’s nothing else in the world to talk about on a Detroit Tigers Baseball Website the day before December 1st, comes the announcement that the Tigers have non-tendered left handed reliever, Daniel Schlereth. The report comes from the always wonderful Jason Beck. Many thought that Brennan Boesch could […]

The Tigers are Basically Slaves to Scott Boras

There is a giant building that Scott Boras owns. In its vast domain is an explicit library filled with DVDs and Photographs, and perhaps even some VHS tapes of random Owners and General Managers in Major League Baseball doing things that are most certainly embarrassing. Mike Ilitch, it turns out, has a whole wing dedicated […]

Let Us Create Exciting Rumors Regarding Kelly Shoppach

Dave Dombrowski has gone on record stating that if the 2013 season were to open right now he’d consider this off season to be a success. I don’t think anyone could know that until late in the 2013 season but I am sure that if the season started right now we would all be more […]

Outside the Bounds of Reason: Happy Trails, Ryan Raburn

(This was originally posted at my personal Tigers blog. Thanks to Josh for letting me repost it here.) The one thing you must understand is that my lack of disdain for the very disdain-worthy Ryan Raburn isn’t entirely rational. I can’t explain or reason with it any more than I can explain or reason away […]

A Eulogy for Ryan Raburn

A Eulogy for Ryan Raburn

Ryan Raburn left the Tigers on Tuesday after celebrating his twentieth strikeout in a row and thirty fourth consecutive game without an extra base hit. “I just don’t feel the old vim,” complained the baseball player recently. He was once renowned in local sabermetric circles for his strong blend of on base percentage and power […]

In Which We Review: Gerald Laird, Catcher (2.47)

In Which We Review: Gerald Laird, Catcher (2.47)

2012 Stats Fangraphs | Baseball Reference |  0.9 WAR, .282/.337/.374/.710, 2 HR, 7.3 BB%, 11.0 K%, .309 BABIP, 191 PA So, the Detroit Tigers and Gerald Laird. I suppose you wouldn’t expect me to write much about him, you know, seeing as how he signed a two year deal with the Atlanta Braves back […]

Winter Ball Update 2012: Part Two

Now that all four leagues are underway, I can provide a more complete look at how our Tigers are doing. First, a brief look at the standings. The current league leaders are the Estrellas de Oriente (Dominican Republic, 18-9), the Algodoneros de Guasave/Tomateros de Culiacan (Mexico, both with a 19-13 record), the Criollos de Caguas […]

A Thought Regarding Player Value

We all know what WAR, or Wins, is. According to baseball reference Mike Trout provided 10.7 wins above replacement to Miguel Cabrera’s 6.9. When I heard people captaining this fact as the one leading the army of reasons that Trout should win the MVP I didn’t think much of it. As you all know, I […]

A Final Word on ALmageddon, Stat Wars, And General Stupidity

I originally wasn’t going to sit down and write this because I thought it would be too similar to Doc’s previous post. In the end, I had to find some way to release weeks of AL MVP frustration, plus I think they diverge enough to make it worth my while. Silly me thought once awards season […]

Hey You Kids! Stay Off My Lawn! (A Most Valuable Internet Story)

In the hours leading up to the BBWAA announced that Miguel Cabrera was indeed their selection for the 2012 American League Most Valuable Player I found myself increasingly interested in the reactions that would soon follow. In this liberated internet age I knew reactions would be diverse and diluted given the variety of National baseball […]

Miguel Cabrera wins MVP; Everybody’s Happy, Sort Of

Miguel Cabrera wins MVP; Everybody’s Happy, Sort Of

After weeks of debates and an MVP campaign that at times felt more like a Presidential election than baseball award, Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown winning season proved convincing enough to the Baseball Writers Association of America that he was named American League MVP, his first time winning the award. As it turns out, the balloting […]

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