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The MVP Debate: A Philosophical Discussion

The MVP Debate: A Philosophical Discussion

Judging by all the discussion on Twitter, Facebook, and various sports sites, it’s almost impossible to tell which has been more vicious: The 2012 U.S. presidential election, or the 2012 American League MVP debate. Based on the comments I’ve seen, all Mike Trout supporters are a bunch of sabremetric hipsters who have no concept of […]

David Price Squeaks By Justin Verlander in One of the Tightest Cy Young Votes Ever

David Price Squeaks By Justin Verlander in One of the Tightest Cy Young Votes Ever

In one of the closest votes in the history of the Cy Young, save the 1969 tie between Baltimore’s Mike Cuellar and the Tigers’ own Denny McLain, David Price of Tampa Bay just edges out the reigning winner, Justin Verlander, by four points and one first place vote. Price was named first on 14 of […]

Jim Leyland Should Play One Lineup All Year

He doesn’t like explaining his lineups, so I suggest this one neverchanging lineup considering OPS Against LHP and OPS Against RHP. CF, RH, Austin Jackson, (L .856, R .856) RF, RH, Torii Hunter, (L. 868, R .798) 3B, RH, Miguel Cabrera, (L .913, R 1.021) 1B, LH, Prince Fielder, (L.808, R 1.017) DH, SH, Victor Martinez, (L […]

Torii Hunter and the Tigers Finally Get Married, Give Rise To Hundreds Of Terrible “Torii The Tiger” Puns

The long courtship between Torii Hunter and the Detroit Tigers has finally been consummated, as the outfielder signed a two year, $26 million contract with the club today, pending a physical. …and yes, that’s a lot of money. That’s the Carlos Beltran contract, in fact. But payroll concerns appear to be secondary to the Tigers’ […]

Shockingly Scandalous Tigers, Torii Hunter, ‘Want Each Other’

I mean, here’s the thing. The Tigers need a corner outfielder. Torii Hunter is a corner outfielder. Beside’s the fact that my spell checker wants me to change Torii to either “Tor ii”, “tor-ii”, or Tortini, he can play some pretty slick defense. He can hit a ball with a bat. His brother’s name is […]

The Top 50 Free Agents And The Detroit Tigers

We’re into free agency now, like, for real. Everyone is free to sign with whoever they want. In addition, the GM meetings are underway, so there’s actually some movement on things. In the past, before I moved blogs, I took a look at every single free agent and considered whether the Detroit Tigers would have […]

Bruce Rondon May Be Given a Chance to Disappoint

Bruce Rondon May Be Given a Chance to Disappoint

This was originally posted back on the 13th of August when rumors began circulating of Bruce Rondon’s name being tossed in the hat of players who could be brought up in September. In the end he was not called up but it was not a decision made lightly, a fact that was brought to light […]

Justin Upton Found in the Beating Heart of Detroit’s Pointless Off Season Trade Discussions!

There’s probably nothing baseball fans talk about more in the four month black hole that lasts between the final game of the World Series or the first pitch of spring training (or, for you diehards, the first pitch of the 2013 World Baseball Classic) than potential trade rumors. If you sit back and think about […]

In Which We Review: Alex Avila, Catcher (1.47)

In Which We Review: Alex Avila, Catcher (1.47)

2012 Stats Fangraphs | Baseball Reference| 2.6 WAR, .243/.352/.384/.736, 9 HR, 14.1 BB%, 24.0 K%, .313 BABIP, 434 PA Alex Avila, the husky backstop from the University of Alabama, entered the 2012 season a full time major league starter for the Detroit Tigers having just come off a 2011 season where he started strong, […]

Winter Ball Update 2012: Part One

Now that you’re all familiar with how the winter leagues work, it’s time to update you as to how the Tiger players are doing. The Tigers currently have four players in the Dominican Republic, one in Mexico, and eleven in Venezuela (with at least two more supposedly on the way in the coming weeks; more […]

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