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Rain Delayed Game in Boston Called With Tigers Go-Ahead Run At the Plate

The fuck you think I’m going to recap this debacle for? Tigers lose 4-1 even though they had the bases loaded with the go-ahead run at the plate when the rains came. You call games when there’s a bat shit chance in hell the road team can come back. That wasn’t the case here.

Game 104: Tigers (54-49) @ Red Sox (52-51)

The MLB Trade Deadline came and went with the Tigers not making any additional changes to their roster. This could mean a few different things: (1) they’re content with what they have (unlikely); (2) they’re hoping what they do have figures it out (likely); or (3) they figure they can get what they need before […]

Reports On Alfonso Soriano Are Reportedly Reporting That He May or May Not Be Traded to the Tigers

Alfonso Soriano is owed $18MM each of the next two years as well as the rest of the money he’s owed this season, which comes to roughly $6MM. The Tigers want a middle of the order bat. The Cubs want to get rid of money. Okay, let’s talk: I just spoke with a solid source […]

This Weeks Detroit Free Press Column is Live

Two things today. (Really, two things? Yes, two things!) My weekly column at the Detroit Free Press has now been posted. This week I discuss the value of Drew Smyly. Please check it out on the inter-webs at this location and as usual, feel free to agree or disagree in the comments, there, here, or […]

This Week in Fake Trades

Fitted in an extraordinary orange and white striped polo shirt, Dave Dombrowski tosses his blackberry in the air with his right hand and catches it with his left. Then he runs the fingers of his now unoccupied right hand through his magnificent grey hair and smiles evilly. He looks at the phone and dials a […]

Tigers Vacation to Boston, Discover Sights, Score Runs…Lose Baseball Game

Tigers Vacation to Boston, Discover Sights, Score Runs…Lose Baseball Game

 I was going to make a joke about Clay Buchholz, Chicken, and being headless, but I decided against it. I’m not sure why, it might have something to do with not wanting to use, once again, an overplayed joke, or maybe it’s just a plain refusal to post any sort of tacky headline on this […]

Game 103 Tigers @ Red Sox

One more day until this trade deadline nonsense is over with. At least the Tigers made their big trade last week so no one is including them in their rumormongering and rosterbating ridiculousness’ this week. Anyway, hopefully they can trade Delmon Young for Cliff Lee and cash considerations. I love trade rumors!

Fister’s Savvy and Peralta’s Power Combine to Right the Ship

Fister’s Savvy and Peralta’s Power Combine to Right the Ship

  I’ll admit that I did not know that Jhonny Peralta was stuck in an 0-for-17 slump. I knew he had been striking out at a higher-than-normal clip, but with the offense struggling as it did on this road trip, so far, he kind of blended in with all the others. He broke out in […]

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