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Doc Shots: Reviewing Victor Martinez’s 2011

Martinez was signed before thanksgiving in 2010 as part of a Free Agent class that turned into one of the most disappointing of all time. In simpletons terms here’s a list comparing salary to years to wins over replacement: Carl Crawford (7 years $142 million, $20 million per year, finished with a 0.2 WAR)  Adam […]

Doc Shots: Reviewing Alex Avila’s 2011

To suggest that Alex Avila would evolve from a middling backup catcher who was assumingly in the big leagues because daddy was the assistant GM of the team, to an All-Star, Silver Slugger, and one of the most important catchers in the American League this year was about the same as suggesting that Jack the […]

Please Tigers, Spare Us Jamey Carroll

I’m sure that 37 year old Jamey Carroll is a wonderful father, wonderful husband, and gosh darn it, a fantasticly fantastic human being. But by god, if Dave  Dombrowski reads anything that Lynn Henning writes, I cry for Detroit. In his article today Henning has decided that Carroll, he the author of an apparently impressive […]

Rosterlation V. 3.0

Over the weekend I’ve looked at the possibility of a Braves trade, Jimmy Rollins and Kelly Johnson signing as free agents. Now, I’ve come back to the Braves trade, not only because I’m obsessing over the possibility of it, but also because given the availability of the 2B/3B on the market, it makes the most […]

Rosterlation V. 1.0

As winter tightens her grip on the country and the ropes of the Winter Meetings are being harnessed around the speculation of where players are going (for example, a nice rumor that the Giants are going to trade Tim Lincecum surfaced this morning) we all cuddle around the proverbial fireplace and speculate which players our […]

February 2012

Walkoff Wonders Four boring weeks remain until Detroit takes on the Atlanta Braves in the first Spring Training game of the season. Walkoff Wonders is going to take 25 questions about the 2012 Tigers and blog about each one of them over those four weeks. The questions can be a “what if scenario”, a possible […]

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