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First Ever Honorable Inductee: ‘Wild’ Bill Conlin According to the BBWAA, the association that hands out MLB’s gold placarded trophies every winter and annually collects all of the votes for the Hall of Fame, has decided to make an announcement on this the 20th of December, 2011. “Bill Conlin has been a member in good […]

Journalistic Integrity and Mr. Gray

A long time ago, back when I was a young idiot who had aspirations of being the next Peter Gammons, I was majoring in journalism at Penn State (Lehigh Campus) and was taking a class on the Integrity and the Journalistic Mind. One of the movies (the adjunct professor loved movies) that was shown was […]

Recap of the Offseason thus far

That’s right I used the word “thus” Ive been getting a bunch of twitter and e-mail questions regarding why the Tigers aren’t trading anyone. First off, I run this blog as a way for me to express myself and don’t expect anyone to read it, so it’s a bit weird and flattering that people want […]

An Execution of Fundamentals

Inning One (Part 2 of 10) Don’t forget to read Part One Opening Day in Detroit had been a holiday to the locals since the days of Denny McClain. It was a normal weekday afternoon that the Detroit Tigers turned into a tradition of calling into work, getting drunk before noon, and eating enough brats, […]

The Fallacy of the Warmup

The Fallacy of the Warmup

Pregame (Part 1 of 10) He saw the brilliant outfield for the first time in nearly a half year, a green canvas on which Leonardo da Vinci splashed his first subjects; small figures in crisp white uniforms with midnight blue trim, the old English D covering their left breasts, a calligraphy heart, a Detroit heart. […]

“Appropriate” Tigers At Bat Music

We all know ballplayers love their walk up music. Some players have lists that they play throughout the season, others couldn’t care less. Of course, most of this music is in no way shape or form appropriate to the character of the player who chooses it. Brennan Boesch walking out to Eminem? Come on pretty […]

Will Rhymes Non Tendered

“I turned the game off when danny ran for santi, they are the same speed at best. Very confused. Ill check the box tomorrow” That tweet seemed innocent enough, but it came at the worst possible time, during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series last October. I’m pretty sure most of you know […]

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