Sam Genson

Game 139: Tigers (76-62) @ Indians (70-66)

Tigers – 1. Ian Kinsler (2B) 2. Torii Hunter (RF) 3. Miguel Cabrera (DH) 4. Victor Martinez (1B) 5. J.D. Martinez (LF) 6. Nick Castellanos (3B) 7. Eugenio Suarez (SS) 8. Bryan Holaday (C) 9. Rajai Davis (CF) SP: Justin Verlander Indians – 1. Michael Bourn (CF) 2. Jose Ramirez (SS) 3. Michael Brantley (LF) […]

Farmer solid in debut, Tigers’ bats come alive in victory

Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Oh, you were holding your breath the entire top of the ninth too? Nevermind then. Starting pitcher Buck Farmer was solid in MLB debut, going 5 innings while allowing 4 runs. Yeah, his ERA sits at 7.20 right now, but the defense – not Farmer – should be […]

Game 118: Pittsburgh (64-55) @ Detroit (63-infinity)

Well, the Tigers pitched well (save for a couple of games) on the road trip but the offense decided to not participate in the games for some reason. I am guessing they just didn’t want Joe Nathan to blow another save…so they would do him a favor and never give him the opportunity. Kind and […]

Game 97: Tigers (55-42) @ Diamondbacks (44-57)

Tigers – 1. Austin Jackson (CF) 2. Rajai Davis (LF) 3. Ian Kinsler (2B) 4. Miguel Cabrera (3B) 5. Victor Martinez (1B) 6. Don Kelly (RF) 7. Alex Avila (C) 8. Andrew Romine (SS) 9. Anibal Sanchez (P) Diamondbacks – 1. David Peralta (CF) 2. Aaron Hill (2B) 3. Paul Goldschmidt (1B) 4. Miguel Montero […]

Game 86: Dodgers (51-41) @ Tigers (49-37) 1:05 pm Eastern

The Tigers broke out offensively in a big way yesterday (and without hitting a home run). Brad Ausmus continues with the AJax¬†back at leadoff experiment…the Tigers tallied 20 hits yesterday and Jackson was the only member of the starting lineup to not get a hit. I think it’s time to admit he is officially broken. […]

Game 73: Tigers (41-32) @ Rangers (35-41)

SP: Anibal Sanchez 1. Rajai Davis (CF) 2. Ian Kinsler (2B) 3. Miguel Cabrera (1B) 4. Victor Martinez (DH) 5. J.D. Martinez (LF) 6. Torii Hunter (RF) 7. Nick Castellanos (3B) 8. Bryan Holaday (C) 9. Eugenio Suarez (SS) SP: Joe Saunders 1. Leonys Martin (CF) 2. Elvis Andrus (SS) 3. Shin-Soo Choo (DH) 4. […]

Game 62: Tigers (33-27) @ White Sox (32-33) – 8:10 Eastern

Well, the starting pitching stank on Monday, the bullpen failed on Sunday…so is it the offense’s turn tonight? Tigers – 1. Rajai Davis (LF) 2. Ian Kinsler (2B) 3. Miguel Cabrera (DH) 4. Victor Martinez (1B) 5. Torii Hunter (RF) 6. Austin Jackson (CF) 7. Nick Castellanos (3B) 8. Alex Avila (C) 9. Eugenio Suarez […]

Tigers offense fails continually, Blue Jays win

I guess this is where I am supposed to say things like “it’s a long season” or “the season has its ups and downs” or some other feel good nonsense. That’s crap though. The Tigers stunk tonight…actually, that is putting it mildly. They reeked with the stank of a putrid rotting corpse. That is nothing […]

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